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Logan J. Kleinwaks

The Greater Berlin Jewish Address Book for 1931,
"Juedisches Adressbuch fuer Gross-Berlin,"
is now searchable at:

by request >from user C. Bloomquist.

While it was already searchable on the website of the Zentral- und
Landesbibliothek Berlin, together with many not-specifically-Jewish
Berlin directories, the addition to enables
soundex, wildcard, and other advanced types of searches. Search
results link directly to the corresponding images on the ZLB's website.

Searches at include this directory and 1200 other
sources by default. To restrict searches to only this directory,
append {d916} to your search term, like this: jacobsohn {d916}. For
advanced search syntax, see

To browse the directory or use the ZLB's search interface, visit

For other Berlin directories there, see:
(as has been mentioned previously on this list, by several people).

Logan Kleinwaks, near Washington, D.C.

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