German SIG #Germany Maui, HI schoolchildren seeking to "adopt a victim" for a Stolperstein #germany

Judith Elam

I have been talking to the local schools here on Maui for almost two years
now, telling them the story of what happened to my family during the
Holocaust. The children are very moved, and there is one group that wants
to be involved in a commemorative project of some kind. So I came up with
the idea of the children "adopting a victim" and sponsoring the cost of a
Stolperstein. The children are very excited about doing this.

I have contacted a few of the people involved in the Stolperstein project in
Berlin and Leipzig, where my father and mother were born, asking if they
have a victim whose stone can be laid before the end of the year (the wait
time for the process to be completed seems to be around 2 years these days)
and who needs a donor, preferably a victim with some information about their
life before the Holocaust, and one who has living relatives, with whom the
children can then correspond to form a bond. The plan is to continue year
after year sponsoring more Stolpersteine and to have a memorial wall with
photos in the school. Unfortunately, the people involved in the
Stolperstein project do not currently have a victim who fits the bill....

Is there anyone who knows of a suitable victim for these children to

Judith Elam, Kihei, HI

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