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Linda Shefler

As a continuation to my previous post, here are more STERNS that lived in
Nidda. I am attempting to determine if they are part of my STERN family.
The given names are common in my family, but I am missing information to
connect the individuals. If anyone is familiar with any of these people,
or has any additional information on them, or suggestions where I can find
more information, please let me know.

Meyer/Max STERN (born 1875 Lorndorf) and his wife Clementine (Klemmy) nee
ZIMMERMANN (born 1881 Nidda).

Sara (nee STERN) STEIN (1880-1932) daughter of Naftali STERN.

Ida (nee STERN) and her husband, Saly NAUMANN.

Recha (nee STERN) (born 1905 Nidda) and her husband, Jakob STRAUSS (born
1905). Regina STERN (1835-1894) - no husband indicated.
The marriage of Lena STERN and Moritz BLUM in 1905.

As an interesting aside, there was a book and movie about one of my STERN
cousins >from Nidda, the Jewess and the Hauptmann (Captain). Ilse STEIN
was the daughter of Hilde (nee STERN) and Leopold STEIN. Here is the
Wikipedia link to the story:

I have some lists of people >from Nidda and Geiss Nidda >from Prof. Stingl's
book, particularly lists of Jews living there during 1935/6. I am happy
to check the lists if your family was living there and share with you
whatever information is included. I'm not sure how complete they are, as
I was sent pages basically pertaining to my family, but I can certainly
check and let you know. As always, many thanks!

Linda Silverman Shefler, San Francisco East Bay linda.shefler@...
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