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Debbie Lifshitz

Hi All,
A family member just told me a new story about a family member
in the German army in WW 1, taken prisoner in France: He asked and
received Kosher food >from his aunt in Paris on a daily basis.

1. How can I access his German army service record? (I believe he was
from Frankfurt but can double check).
2. How can I check if and when he was taken prisoner? And where?

3. His aunt did live in Paris. She died before 1918 but would have
sent food prior to summer of 1917 if asked, and her daughter may have
continued till the end of the war..

Are there any other similar stories? Is this story at all plausible?
4. Are there any other stories of how religious Jews kept basic
commandments during war time?

Thanks so much for any information or sources!

Debbie Lifschitz in Israel debilif@...

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