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Heinz Radde <radde@...>

Dear List Members

During the last year I held in Zurich two lectures on the subject of
"Pomerania and expulsion":

1 In the Swiss Society for Jewish Genealogy (SGJG)
about the expulsion and emigration of the Jewish family ROSEN >from my
native village Gross Tuchen (Buetow) to Shanghai and USA

2 In the Genealogical-Heraldic Society Zurich (GHGZ)
on the expulsion of Germans >from Eastern Europe and especially from
Pomerania (as well as the emigration of people of Zurich to Pomerania 1770)

I passed the two Power Point presentations at the Google Drive (together
about 220 MB). If someone is interested in it, I ask you to send me a
Google address (eg. @ gmail) so that I can share the files for download.
To view the files, a newer Power Point version is advantageous because
short films are included.

With greetings >from the Lake of Zurich, Heinz Radde, Switzerland

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