German SIG #Germany question concerning a releasing from Dachau in 1939 #germany

Olivier Neuman

Thanks to JewishGen, 18 months ago, I found a cousin (her father and
my grandfather were first cousins). She is 90 years old and she told me
her story and her escape with her little brother >from Vienna by
kindertransport in 1939 just before the war.

Her parents and her second brother (too old for kindertransport) found
also a way to escape.

Before that, during Kristallnacht, her father was put in jail in
Dachau. In January 1939, she was 15 yaers old and without telling
nothing to nobody she went alone to the Gestapo on Morzinplatz,
managed to enter and found an office where a German officer was
sitting. She fell on her knees and asked the man to do something for
her father Aron Nachtigall and Maybe G. put something like pity in the
heart of this man and he phoned Berlin to ask for the release of her
father in exchange that her family found a ticket for him to Shanghai.

He was released on January 21st 1939 >from Dachau. Then, few months
later he managed to escape with the family to Scotland before
immigrated to USA in 1940 thanks to Affidavits sent by a cousin they
never heard about before ( another miracle!). I would like to know how
we could find something about my grandfather's cousin put in Dachau :
for example who was this officer who obtained his release? Do you
think it's possible to find something? I contacted Dachau, they have
only the dates of arrival and release.

I contacted in Vienna and they answered me they have no
information concerning him but only about her mother's death in
Theresienstadt during the Shoah. I don't know what to do. If someone
could help... thanks

Olivier Neuman id jewishgen :458743

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