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Many thanks to everyone who helped me broaden my family history. In the
past two weeks, I have been able to get valuable information about two
family questions.

The first had to do with Richard STEIN. He was the brother-in-law of
Henry MORGENTHAU, who gave my grandparents, mother and uncle (STEIN family)
an affidavit to come >from Austria to US in 1939. We assumed that Richard
was a cousin of some sort, but did not know the exact relationship.
Morgenthau gave the affidavit on the strength of the Stein family
connection to Richard. By the way, Richard STEIN died in 1916,
so it is probable that Richard and my grandfather never even met.

I happened to find Richard's birth record in the badatelna file for
Kolesovice, CZ, serendipitously just two lines above that of my g-gfather,
Ignatz STEIN. I posted those records and Isabel kindly transcribed and
translated them, revealing that they shared the same grandfather -
Benedikt STEIN. (my gggfather) So that established that
Richard STEIN was first cousin to my ggf.

Andreas transcribed and translated a related record for Wilhelm STEIN
that said that he (Wilhelm) was a reserve corporal in k.k. von Benedek
Regiment. More than a dozen people responded to my query about k.k. von
Benedek Regiment, opening my horizons to a huge array of materials about
the Austro-Hungarian armies of the mid-1860's.

One of our traditions at Seder is to tell the stories of our family
members' escapes >from or survivals thru the Holocaust. Now that we know
who Richard STEIN was and how he fit into the family tree, we will be
adding that story to our Seder night.

Thanks again, to all who helped.

Rick Glaser, Owings Mills MD

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