German SIG #Germany Heimatgeschichte der badischen Juden- An English Version? #germany

Peter Dreifuss

Dear Jewish Genners,

Among other achievements, Berthold Rosenthal published his
book 'Heimatgeschichte der badischen Juden' in 1927 which
became an important historical source of information on the
Jews of Baden. Much of the information would have been lost
had it not been for his writings and archival information
which are available at the Leo Baeck Institute.

My question: (1) Is there an English version of this book or
(2) another equivalent book, either of which deal with a
comprehensive history of the Jews of Baden >from the first Jews
on the Rhine 300 AD until the early 20th Century. Thanks in Advance.

Peter A.Dreifuss, Burtonsville, MD padreifuss@...

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