German SIG #Germany Re: Heimatgeschichte der badischen Juden- An English Version? #germany

Roger Lustig

If there's an English version of Rosenthal--or of Hundsnurscher &
Taddey's _Die juedischen Gemeinden in Baden_ (1968)--it's unpublished.

I don't know of *any* regional survey of Jewish communities in
(present or former) Germany that's been translated. And there are
dozens of those, not to mention hundreds of studies of individual towns.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ research coordinator, GerSIG

On 3/11/2014 12:38 PM, Peter Dreifuss wrote:
My question: (1) Is there an English version of 'Heimatgeschichte
der badischen Juden' (1927) (2) another equivalent book, either
of which deal with a comprehensive history of the Jews of Baden
>from the first Jews on the Rhine 300 AD until the early 20th Century.

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