German SIG #Germany INTRO: Researching family of Jenny FRANKENTHALER b.Feb. 25, 1898 in Untereisenheim, Wurzberg, Lower Franconia/N.W. Bavaria #germany

Liz Hanellin

Hello GerSig,

I just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research
intermittently for about five years, with a strong emphasis on the
intermittent part. I consider myself to be a relative beginner in
doing German Jewish genealogy research, although I have learned a
great deal about my family >from the JewishGen website and a few
people I have contacted via the site. I live in New York City, NY,
and my native language is English. I speak a bit of Hebrew, a little
bit less of French and can identify some words in Yiddish or German.
My computer and Internet skills are good.

I know the birth and (most of the) death dates for my grandfather,
Gustav(e) FRANKENTHALER and his six siblings: Jenny, Ella, Karolina
(known to us as Lena or Lina), Bernhard, Felix and Bruno.

Their father was Josef FRANKENTHALER and their mother was Hannchen
(also listed on some records as Jannchen, Maria Anna, Marianne and
Marianna) nee PULVER. Josef died in Germany before the war (date
unknown) and Marianne immigrated on the SS Pennland, sailing from
Antwerp on Nov. 2, 1939, quite late.

The main focus of my research on this branch of my family is to learn
what happened to Jenny (b. Feb. 25, 1898). She was the only sibling who
didn't make it to the U.S. before the Holocaust. >from what I've learned
from my family, she had gotten her immigration papers, but was waiting
for her husband (Ludvig LEVY) to get his. Unfortunately, it seems that
those papers never came and then it was too late and they were both
killed, along with their young son (whose name I don't know).

I know that Jenny and all of her siblings were born in Untereisenheim
(West Untereisenheim is what my grandfather called his town) and I
believe they had a farm there; but, I don't know if Jenny and Ludvig
lived in Untereisenheim during their marriage.

I have no confirmation of a location of internment or of their deaths
(and I don't even know for sure that they were killed, but it's what
my family has always assumed) and I have not been able to find anything
about them in any of the online Holocaust databases that I'm aware of.

Very sadly, the number of men named Ludvig LEVY (with all of possible
spelling variants of first and last names) who perished in the Holocaust
is substantial. When I was in Berlin a few years ago, on business, I went
to the Holocaust Museum and found 11 in just one of the books there that
listed victims. Jenny also seems to have been a common name (I don't know
if she had a Yiddish or Hebrew name in addition).

I would welcome any suggestions on how to conduct my search to learn
the fate of Jenny FRANKENTHALER (b. Feb. 25, 1898 in Untereisenheim).

Thank you all for reading. Best,

Liz Hanellin, New York City, NY liz_hanellin@...

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