German SIG #Germany Nu - What's New - Feb. 11, 2014 - (Martha Lev-Zion) #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

GerSIG has permission >from Gary Mokotoff and Avotaynu Press to quote
from the special edition of _Nu? What's New?_ in memory of
Martha Lev-Zion. We need a copy of that newsletter.

Gary is the publisher of Martha's book, _Taking Tamar_.
He knew Martha very well. The contents of this email newsletter
will be included in the memorial for Martha at the GerSIG website.

I have subscribed to the newsletter but haven't found a way to read
and copy the February 11th edition.

If you have this edition, please send a copy to

GerSIG has permission >from the publisher to use and quote >from this edition.

Nu? What's New? Vol. 15, No. 06a - February 11, 2014 Special
Edition: Martha Lev-Zion z"l (1940-2014)

Many thanks, GerSIG Moderator

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