German SIG #Germany Family of Rebekka STRAUB born HUBERT 1862, Holocaust victim #germany

Jack Hubert

To the members of German SIG. I am seeking assistance in trying to complete
a branch of our family history that has been a puzzle to me. My great
grandfather Mendel HUBERT born 11/27/1823 in Cronheim Germany and his
wife Hanna maiden name MUENSTER born 8/4/33 in Cronheim Germany had a
total of 12 children. Six of which died at birth or childhood.

Of the surviving six I was able to put together a family history of five
of the six children. The sixth is the puzzle. A daughter Rebekka HUBERT
born December 19th 1862 in Cronheim Germany, married a man whose last
name was STRAUB.

from the family information I have, Rebekka nee HUBERT STRAUB and her
husband were murdered during the Holocaust. I have no other information
regarding Rebekka, or her husband, or of their children or of later

If any members can assist me in resolving this puzzle I can be
reached at jackhubert01@....

thank you. Jack Hubert Jackhubert01@...

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