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Peter Dreifuss

I've posted a short article in German on a subject of great interest to me.
It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

I have been able to understand much of the article. Some sections are
more difficult for me to either translate or grasp its meaning in
English. It deals with a transcript obtained >from Parish records
in Altdorf (in today's Baden-Wuerttenberg) that describe decisions
made by the Baden Grand Duchy District Office.

I need help in particular with following three items:
1) The translation and the meaning of the details of most the first
item (Zu 1.) dated 20 December 1871. This appears to break down
certain rental debts by fractional amounts
2) The Item dated 20 September 1872 seems to involve a payment of 5
five Florins to the Poor fund and/or a limitation on the ability
of SchutzJuden (protected Jews) to pass these rights to their sons.
3) At the bottom is a listing of Altdorf Jews in 1752 taken >from a
'Heimburgerrechnung'. What is a Heimburgerrechnung?

Many thanks again to all the volunteers who help with these requests!

Pete Dreifuss, Burtonsville, MD, <>

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