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Reinhard Frenzel <reinhardfrenzel@...>

Hello out there,

Does anyone happen to be familiar with Oskar GOTTSTEIN (b Lissa, Kreis
Fraustadt // Leszno, PL 16 Oct 1852) ?
He was married to Esther Emma GOTTSTEIN nee MEMELSDORF (b Samter (Szamotuly,PL)
08 Jan 1852).
They had a daughter,Helene Karoline GOTTSTEIN,b Mainz, 13 Jul 1882.
The family resided in Mainz >from (at least) the late 1880s until (at least)
around WWI.
(Helene, a pianist, got married to (non-Jewish) Max Emil Doerner (d Berlin,
in 1925). Their only daughter Helga was born in Berlin, 1908 and died
there in 1928). Helene was eventually deported >from Berlin to Auschwitz
(via Theresienstadt). She perished in 1944.) Thank you.

Reinhard Frenzel, Mainz, Germany

Moderator note about Reinhard Frenzel-
from JewishGen Wall of Honor, February, 2014
"Honoring your extensive research on Jewish students and teachers
at the Hoehere Maedchenschule in Mainz (today's Frauenlob Gymnasium)
and your work with the program to memorialize Holocaust victims
from greater Mainz."

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