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My grandfather, Max LEVI, wrote a list of the relatives buried in the
cemetery in Treuchtlingen. Unfortunately he wrote it in German , and did
not use people's actual names. He wrote things like Uncle Leser and
Tante Zilli, cousin Wolf with no last names. People like "my dear mother
gone to her reward" we know who that is. Almost no one on the list is
written with a last name (even ones I'm sure had last names) So it's a
bit difficult figuring out who some of these people are. He did write
the row and "stone" number, which I assume is the grave number on the
row. A gentleman who lives in the town where my mom, grandfather and his
mother were born, Markt Berolzheim, has graciously offered to go the
Treuchtlingen and try to find some of the headstones. I wish I knew
everyone's real names, the names that would be on the headstones. There
are some names that sound like they might be nicknames, so I wondered if
you could give me some ideas of names he might look for. I have read
some of the gravestones are no longer there, so someone might not be
stone 5 in row 4 anymore.

Here are the ones I need help with:
My ggg grandmother's name was Resele. SCHOENWALTER HERZ. Resele sounds
like a nickname for something. Was it an actual name that might be on a
headstone. What could it be a nickname for.

My ggg grandfather was Manele (HERZ). Is Manele a nickname for Emanuel?

Is Wolf a nickname? He has marks around the name. Onkle Wolf,

Also is Zilli a nickname?

Thank you so much. I am hoping some of these gravestones are still
there and that he will be able to find them. All the best,

Lin Herz, Palm Bay Florida

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