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Roger Lustig

The Hessen Gatermann project includes records >from Barchfeld. They will
be uploaded with the next update to the database.

But we've only indexed a few of the Barchfeld items available as on-line
images of Gatermann films, as the project is currently focusing on
registers >from 1824 and after. There are two lists of male Jewish
residents and some records >from the Kingdom of Westphalia (1808-1813).
There are also similar items for nearby Schmalkalden and Naeherstille.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research coordinator, GerSIG

On 4/21/2014, John Paul Lowens <> wrote:
My father's sister, Betty Loewenstein married Max WOLF >from Barchfeld.
I've been helping my WOLF cousins with their family history.
Recently, with the help of Rosanne Leeson and of Alfred Kuhen,
a distant relative of my < Barchfeld WOLF cousins, I've received a great
deal of information about the Jewish community in Barchfeld.
Barchfeld on the River Werra in Wartburgkreis is 137 km northeast of
Frankfurt a/M at 50:48 N 08:41 E. According to the JewishGen
Gazetteer, the town was in Hessen-Nassau, Preussen in 1900 and 1930.
Today it is in the German Land Thueringen.
The Jewish population was 237 in 1861 and 65 in 1932.
Alemannia Judaica (A.J) has collected considerable information about
Jewish life in Barchfeld. vor Ort
Resources cited in the A.J. bibliography include a locally published
history of the Jewish community. I use the web page translator
included in the Google Toolbar to read German language content at the
Alemannia Judaica website.
A news article quoted on the A.J. Barchfeld page describes the
September, 2013, installation of Stolpersteine there in which another
WOLF descendant, Danny Aharon >from Israel participated. (In German);art83434,2858381
When Alfred Kuhen in Palo Alto, California, found this article at
A.J., he contacted Mr. Aharon. Through Mr. Aharon and others, he began
an Email exchange with my WOLF cousins and also the Barchfeld
historian Klaus Schmidt.
In the 6 months since the article was published, Kuhen, Aharon and
Herr Schmidt have extracted and copied vital records for many WOLF
cousins and produced WOLF - Barchfeld family tree showing the
relationships between those cousins and my cousins. Their work was
aided by GerSIG and French SIG member Leeson and by research from
another WOLF - Barchfeld descendant, Martha Lev-Zion. Their common
ancestors were Loeb Anschel WOLF, Viehaendler, b. December 8, 1754
and his wife Judel Samuel.

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