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My recent posting about the German Towns project has led to a number of
questions. I hope that this clarification will answer them:

The information can be accessed either at Steve Morse Genealogy, then
One-Step Webpages, then Holocaust and Eastern Europe, then German Jews 1933.
Or, on JewishGen Holocaust Databases. While there are small differences in
format, on both sites you can search by names or places.

There is no doubt that the roughly 50,000 names in this database (7 towns to
go) are a small percentage of the total 1933 German Jewish population. It
does not include Berlin (roughly one third of all German Jews) East Germany
and some major towns such as Frankfurt. However, while not per se in the
database, they often turn up in the place of birth field, as do many >from
East Europe and, even, >from some United States cities.

There is considerable controversy as to the number of Jews (as defined by
the Nuernberg laws) resident in Germany in 1933, when Hitler came to power.
The lowest number is somewhere in the 500,000s, while the (not on line)
German Government Residentenliste has over 700,000 names, which may or may
not include duplicates/errors or omissions, depending on one's point of
view. This is discussed in my article in the latest Avotaynu.

Please do NOT send me individual names or even town lists which are missing
from the German Town database. This database is limited to its particular
source. On the other hand, if you find individual names of special interest
where you would like me to check for additional information I would be
prepared to try to do so, in response to REASONABLE requests, not the 35
names a researcher recently requested.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C.

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