German SIG #Germany question about a probate issue of a relative born in Germany who moved to US #germany

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I don't know if this is a proper question for either Gersig or Jewish
gen question, but maybe someone will have an idea. Louis JESSELSOHN was
born in Neckarbishofsheim. He married my great-grandmother's sister
Elise ADLER in the 1880s. I found out today he was also the grandson of
my great-great-great grandmother Lea KAUFMANN ADLER. He and his wife
were one of the few relatives who came to America before Nazi times.
They arrived in the late 1880s according to records I found on I have found no evidence they ever lived in any countries
except Germany and the US. But today I found a "hint" and document on "London and Wales National Probate Calendar 1858-1996." .
It gives enough information that it certainly sounds like him. He had an
unusual name, he lived in Massachusetts as the paragraph on the document
says. It says he had two properties in Massachusetts. the date of death
matches one for a "Mason's card" I found on It's very
strange. He died in 1932 in America. Would it have been normal to have
some kind of probate going on in the UK for an American at that time
(1932.)? Thanks,

Lin Herz, Palm Bay, Florida

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