German SIG #Germany Sunday - our first day, and Monday Preview #germany

Jeanette R Rosenberg OBE

For GerSIG, the highlight of the day just had to be the "share fair".
Our table was possibly one of the busiest in the room, with visits
from present GerSIG members who were collecting their GerSIG ribbons,
and many soon to become new members.

Also during the share fair while manning the GerSIG table, GerSIG
Director Nancy Adelson found 3 new cousins (finding common
ancestors) who will be new GerSIG members.

Also, GerSIG Director Roger Lustig did an excellent job interviewing
and acting as Master of Ceremonies for the LIVE! Filming of the share
fair. Later on, the M.C. role was taken over by blogger Dear Myrtle,
who interviewed Nancy for the Dear Myrtle YouTube channel!

Today there is no specific GerSIG programming, but that won't stop us
continuing to get together in the margins of the conference to
continue the networking and the comparing of trees and the sharing of
connections. More later! Jeanette

Jeanette Rosenberg presently in SLC Utah but usually London UK GerSIG
Director for Conference Arrangements Jeanette.R.Rosenberg@...

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