German SIG #Germany Monday at Conference and Tuesday Preview #germany

Jeanette R Rosenberg OBE

Monday at conference didn't have any specific GerSIG content, but that
didn't deter GerSIG members >from getting together in the margins of
conference to compare family trees and discuss potential shared connections.

During Monday evening, a group of us gathered in a comfy seating
areas to network in just this way, with discussions ranging >from the
location of archives for different parts of Germany, through to
community histories that we have listed on the GerSIG website and
Stolpersteine (where we discussed both viewpoints of these, because
people tend to polarize either in favor of them, or against them).

This opportunity also allowed the GerSIG Directors to finalise the
planning necessary for Thursday, which is the day where most of the
GerSIG events at conference will take place.

Today, Tuesday, GerSIG member, Ekkehard Huebschmann will be giving a
talk of German-Jewish genealogy interest, called ">from Germany to
North America in the 19th Century - The Bavarian Example". The
Conference Schedule gives the following summary of the talk:

Using the example of the Kingdom of Bavaria, this lecture sheds light
on the various aspects of Jewish emigration >from Germany. Why did so
many Jews emigrate in the 19th century to the USA? How did they travel
to the harbors? All travelers and emigrants had to apply for the
permition to leave the country. The documents, which they had to
present to local officials, provide a lot of genealogical data: birth
certificates >from local rabbis, certificates for school education or
for not being exempt for military service; and above all passage
contracts by officially accredited agents. Jewish businessmen were
among the first agents. A wide range of records in German city or
state archives tells a most interesting story of Jewish emigration.

Highlights for the program this evening will be taken up with the
JewishGen 2014 update, this session usually also includes some
discussion of future JewishGEn developments, so I will report back
tomorrow on what we hear.

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