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Dear SIGgers,
I have cousins whose last name is SCHRAMM. My great aunt Helene HUMBERG
married Hermann SCHRAMM. He was >from a part of Germany that evidently
became Poland, but was Germany when he was born, I think.

Today I got an email >from a David Lewin claiming to be part of a "search
and unite team" searching for people who have had art looted >from them
in Austria, Germany and property claims in the Czech Republic. It asks
me if I recognize the name SCHRAMM. It says there is a vague reference
in something to the name.

The SCHRAMMs I know are the grandchildren of this Hermann SCHRAMM. They
never met him as they are in their late 50s, early 60s and he died in
the late forties. Their grandmother, Helene HUMBERG SCHRAMM died in
1954. There is a related SCHRAMM family, as Hermann was married before
and his wife died. But I have never met that branch, though my cousins
know them.

Does anyone know anything about this David Lewin?
[Again, the archives contain a few hundred emails >from or about David Lewin.]

Should I delete the email or forward it to my cousins? Do you think
they were just splattering this email all over creation and I just
happened to get it. Or could they find my name through genealogical searching?

My cousins would know nothing, and I never heard anything about Hermann
having any kind of wealth or art. Of course there are probably further
relatives out there somewhere that no one knows.

At the bottom it say "Search and Unite attempts to locate people who
still exist out there . We also assist people in re-possession of
property in the Czech Republic and Israel." Since my relatives come
from Germany/Poland, should I just delete it?
Thanks, Lin Herz Palm Bay, Florida

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