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Lin <lin2@...>

Perhaps someone will be able to help me.
I recently received some documents >from Lippstadt, Germany,
including the death noticed published in a local newspaper.

It is for my great-grandparents. The top of the death notices
of my great grandparents Anschel HUMBERG and Rosa SCHWARZ HUMBERG
(published in the local paper "Der Patriot" in Lippstadt, Germany)
are adorned with a feather.

They died two years apart, one in 1928 and the other in 1930.
I have never seen a feather used as a Jewish religious symbol.
It certainly has nothing to do with the meaning of their last names.
Does anyone know of a known Jewish or German-Jewish meaning for the
feather? They were not authors. Thank you so much.

Sincerely, Lin Herz Palm

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