German SIG #Germany Offering three amazing hand-written family history scrolls #germany

Teven Laxer

I have often found wonderful documents outside of my biological family and this is
a great example. I recently visited my first cousin in New York who handed me three
scrolls he didn't want.

Scroll 1 contains the ancestors of Leiser Grunhut (1657-1731) of Halberstadt.
It purportedly goes back to Rabbi Yohanan Aschkenaz (abt 1280), who was the father
of Rabbi Joseph Treves (abt 1313) of Marseilles. It was prepared by Dr. Alfred Frank,
1 April 1937, and is based on research done by Dr. Markus Secklash, Berlin, 1936,
and >from the Stammbuch der Juden Frankfurt by Dr. Alexander Dietz, 1907.

Scroll 2 contains the descendants of Rabbi Leiser Grunhut, (1657) and contains the
families of Grunhut, Liebermann, Wolf, Frank, Meyer-sust and Blachstein. It was
prepared by Dr. Alfred Frank and is dated 1 Apr 1937.

Scroll 3 contains the descendants of Karl Frank of Harzgerode (1809-1882) and
Rosalie Blachstein (1808-1894). It was prepared by Dr. Alfred Frank and
is dated 1 Apr 1937.

My first cousin's mother was a descendant of the GRUNHUT family. I am related to my
first cousin's father. I wish I could find documents like this for my dad's family!

Please contact me if you would like copies of these documents.

Teven Laxer, teven.laxer@...
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