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Good morning everyone.

I wrote some months back requesting ideas and advice with my research based
upon the SELIGMANN /ENGLAENDER family of Elberfeld / Barmen, in the North
Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany. The response >from members of the GerSig
group was very positive and enlightening, with many suggestions regarding
locations of relevant material and contacts. I am very grateful for this
help, and I am making some progress, particularly with the SELIGMANN ancestors.

I am hoping that someone may have information about the descendants of IDA
ENGLAENDER, born Elberfeld 1841, married name IDA FRIEDLANDER / FRIEDLAENDER
(the name of her husband is unknown). She died in her apartment, Bamberger Strasse
57, Berlin Schonenberg, 23.05.1912. She shared this apartment with her mother
REGINE (SELIGMANN) ENGLAENDER, died 11.01.1909. Both women were widows.

Ida FRIEDLAeNDER may have had a son named WILFRIED , a dentist
from Charlottenburg, Nettlebeckstrasse 6. She may have had a son-in-law
named JOSEF TUSCHHOFF >from Charlottenburg, Nettlebeckstrasse 26.

I am hoping that someone might know something of this family.

Although the ENGLAENDER family was Jewish, and I believe the FRIEDLAENDER
family also, I was very surprised to note that both Regine ENGLAENDER
and Ida Friedlander were listed as Protestant on their Death registrations.

Best wishes, and again many thanks for such a positive and supportive response,

Jon McGhee, Queensland, Australia.

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