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Michael Rubin

MODERATOR NOTE: I entered only the ISBN number in the Google search
box and immediately found dozens of web pages with more information
about this book. See below.======>

I wanted to alert GerSiggers to the availability of a new resource related
to the Jews of Metz, capital of the Lorraine region and at times part of
France and Germany.

The two volume set entitled "Protocols of Justice: The Pinkas of the Metz
Rabbinic Court, 1771-1789" (ISBN- 13: 9789004265158) is the official register
of civil cases that came before the Metz rabbinic court ("beit din," in
Hebrew) in the two decades prior to the French Revolution. [details below]

It includes material on the functioning of the Jewish community, including
its finances, philanthropic services, family life, residential regulations,
details of commercial transactions, inheritance disputes, etc.

There is much that will be of immediate interest to genealogists.
Men and women who approached the Metz Beit Din were mainly >from the
city of Metz and the villages of the Moselle region. A small number
were residents of Alsatian communities, Paris, and even outside of
France -- Bohemia, England, Germany, Italy, and Poland. Rabbis in
Metz were often immigrants >from central and eastern Europe, including
the famed head of the rabbinic court, Rabbi Aryeh Leib Ginzberg.

There are about 2,000 individual names listed in the book's Hebrew index.

Michael Rubin, Boston, MA rubinmichaels@...

[MOD Note continued: Author: Berkovitz, Jay R.; Publisher: BRILL
Published October, 2014 Language: English
Format: Hardback Publication Type: Reference Work
Pages, Illustr.: v.1 xx, 222 pp., v.2 viii, 1084 pp.
also note this paid entry - one of several similar:
"ISBN Book:‎‎
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