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Dr Wilhelm Alexander OPPENHEIM and family

I am going to give a lecture about the Jewish families OPPENHEIM,
HEIDENHEIM and ROSENBERG in Chemnitz. I researched the life of the
Heidenheim family for the last 10 years. Now I want to research the life
of the Oppenheim family. Both families founded a textile company in
Chemnitz, named "Heidenheim, Oppenheim & Co.".

Hugo Max OPPENHEIM (1861-1921) was married with Betty MARON. They had
three children: Fritz (b. 1895), Wilhelm Alexander (b. 1897) and Anni
Luise (b. 1904).

I am trying to reconstruct the short life of Fritz OPPENHEIM, who died in
the fights of the World War I. Within a colloquium in Dresden (November,
21, 2014) I am going to present his biography and the biographies of his
cousins Heidenheim and Rosenberg. Walter and Karl Heidenheim and Hans
Rosenberg were also among the fallen jewish soldiers >from Chemnitz.

That`s why I am looking for more biographic data about the brothers Fritz
and Wilhelm Alexander OPPENHEIM. The younger brother was twice married.
With his second wife Ilsa Maria EINSTEIN (b. 1911) he had a son: Rainer
Fritz Alexander (b. 1937). Wilhelm Alexander died abt. 1941 in England.

I am looking for Rainer Fritz Alexander OPPENHEIM, who may live in the USA.

All advice and information are very welcome. Thank you very much in

Juergen Nitsche, Mittweida, Germany - JuNitsche58@...

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