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Stan Dub <stan.dub@...>

Thanks to all who responded to my previous post, copied below. There
were many useful and responsive posts.

Two people found the marriage record I was looking for, and it
provides support for my hypotheses that Sophia Einstein was born Siel
EINSTEIN, daughter of Leopold Joseph EINSTEIN, on July 11, 1811.
Portions of one response (containing links to German language
materials) are available >from me on request.

There still remains one mystery, as concerns the identity of Sophia's
mother. The marriage certificate apparently refers to her as Rechla
nee GUTMAN, but the family book page, as well as the page >from the
Taenzer reference book (copied to me by a JewishGen correspondent)
indicates the mother's name was Rosle Salomon Joseph.

This is really a puzzle, as the "Family page" reveals the birthdate of
Siel as July 11, 1811, which is the known birthdate of our Sophia
Einstein SULZBERGER, and also says she moved to America (which Sophia
did around 1848) but that page shows her mother was Rosle Salomon
Joseph. On the other hand, the marriage certificate was signed by
Sophia, and seemingly identifies her mother as Rechla nee Gutman.

This discrepancy puts the hypothesis to question, although it seems
fanciful to assume there could have been two different women born to
two different Leopold Einsteins in this area of Germany, both on July
11, 1811, who subsequently emigrated to America. So what could
explain the discrepancy in mother's name on these two records if they
both referenced the same person? Comments?

Stanley Dub, Cleveland, Ohio stan.dub@...

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