German SIG #Germany Re: Are there legal directories for Prussia? #germany

Roger Lustig

A quick search on "amtsblatt justizrat preussen" brings up an Prussian
Amtsblatt (legal gazette) >from the Bromberg district (northern/eastern
Posen province) for 1839, which lists 6 such appointments to various
levels, >from Director to Assessor.

Note that Fraktur isn't the easiest to scan, so individual surnames may
get mangled, i.e., one may have to go through the gazettes "by hand."
Fortunately, they tend to have annual indexes.

(Note also that this particular gazette is side-by-side bilingual,
German and Polish. I think that practice lasted until 1848.)

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ research coordinator, GerSIG

On 2/5/2015 Irene Newhouse einew137@... wrote:
One of the families I'm researching, HOENIGER, had many attorneys who
attained various ranks. Were there legal directories? As an example,
the Amtsblatt for Potsdam and Berlin for nearly 100 years is digitized.
I found an entry in 1859 that a HOENIGER become Assessor via a search
engine hit. Just the one hit. I know >from other records that other
HOENIGER attorneys studied & practiced in Berlin. Why don't they
appear in searches? I find it hard to believe that Prussia, of
all places, was hit & miss with announcements of this sort.
How about when someone attained the level Justizrat? Would that
have been published somewhere?

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