German SIG #Germany SITE CITE Re: Fantastic Jacob Jacobson Collection at Leo Baeck Institute #germany

Joachim Mugdan

Rene van Wijngaarden wrote:
"... By coincidence I stumbled on the JACOBSON Collection re: Germany..."

This is part of DigiBaeck, the digitized archival collections of the Leo
Baeck Institute,
The advantage of going through the LBI web site is that
it has finding aids for many of the larger collections.

Joachim Mugdan, Basel, Switzerland (JGID 5749)

[The "Finding Aid" - A description and catalog of the Jacob Jacobson
Collection - can be found many ways. Some are:

Enter Jacob Jacobson Collection in the "Key Words" box
Click submit
Click on Jacob Jacobson Collection, 1660-1958


try this url:

or enter Jacob Jacobson Collection in the Google search box and
then click "Guide to the Jacob Jacobson Collection, 1660-1958 AR ..."

A link to the Finding Aid that Mr. Mugdan put in his message did
not pass my Moderator test. GerSIG Moderator ]

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