German SIG #Germany Re: Jacob Jacobson Collection at Leo Baeck Institute SITE CITE #germany

Hazel Dakers

This was a fantastic tipoff on Gersig >from Rene van Wijngaarden. I looked
further on the internet and found this link:

which enables you to connect directly to specific parts of the
collection much of which is focused on Berlin and
Hamburg-Altona were the largest Jewish communities were to be found.
However, there is clearly information relating to other parts of Germany
also such as Hessen.

Hazel Dakers, London UK hazel.dakers@... researching:
HEIMANN (Luegde), MICHAELIS-JENA (Luegde/Detmold area),
NUSSBAUM(Niederaula), NORDEN (London, South Africa and possibly
Netherlands or Germany)

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