German SIG #Germany RE: Reinstatement of German citizenship to children and grandchildren #germany

Peter Straus

Two 11 Feb 2015 posts referred to eligibility for German citizenship by
children and grandchildren of Jewish individuals whose citizenship had
been revoked.

*** It is my understanding *** that this privilege is reserved to
descendents of fathers, not mothers, whose citizenship had been revoked.

That is, for example, if the mother's citizenship had been revoked but
the father gave up his citizenship at an earlier date or was not German,
etc., the descendents are not eligible. If those circumstances were
reversed, they would be.

Peter Straus, San Francisco, CA, pstrausSF@...

MODERATOR NOTE: Another personal case history re: retroactive German
citizenship can be requested by email to
Vivian Salama <vivsalama@...>

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