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Roger Lustig


What evidence do you have that these people were or had been Jewish?

There were a few German Jews named WENDEL; none that I know of named
BANTZ. Certainly none by that name >from Breslau.

Look for the civil registration of the birth, which would be in the
Standesamt Bad Bergzabern. You might have to get someone to go there and
find it, though.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research coordinator, GerSIG

On 3/10/2015 Rainer Hahn, Vienna, (rainer.hahn@...) wrote:
I'm presently searching in Gleiszellen, Rhineland-Palatinate, my
three times great grandparents:
Abraham WENDEL *ca. 1790 and his wife Maria Wendel, maiden name BANTZ.
Bantz indicating, >from Breslau (Wroclaw)?
Family History Library microfilm #1676734 includes parts of the
Kirchenbuch (church book) records >from the Evangelische-Reformierte
(BA, Bergzabern). Item 13 is the Baptismal record >from 1839-1875.
Record #34 for 1860;
Kirche (Evangelical Reformed Church) of Klingenmunster, Pfalz, Bavaria
Abraham WENDEL born 23 August 1860 (baptised 30 Aug 1860) son of
Johann Jacob WENDEL of Gleiszellan and Katherina?(BRANT)

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