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Alan Ehrlich

I'm researching in the 1812 "Generalverzeichnis" saemtlicher Juden in
Westpreussen" (West Prussia Naturalizations and permanent Jewish family
names registration list), and have a question I'd greatly appreciate your
expert feedback on:

For memory: The list's layout comprises five columns, which can be
paraphrased as: Line Number, New Name, Original Name, Place of Residence.
and Individual's Registration Number at Place of Residence.

Regarding this latter column. In the list, sometimes, persons >from the same
place of residence that appear to be brothers or father and son (based on
their original name plus new name) have sequential or close registration
numbers; however, in other cases, their registration numbers can be quite
wide apart.

Can you tell me whether the proximity of persons' registration numbers at
place of residence tends to indicate they are related? Respectively, does
the "pattern" and/or "rank order", etc. of these registration numbers
provide any useful genealogical information?

This would be important to know, since often enough brothers in fact each
registered different permanent family names. Also because it can be
difficult to determine which of the persons in the list are older than
others. Thank you.

Alan Ehrlich, Geneva, Switzerland alan.ehrlich@...

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