German SIG #Germany Attention: GerSIG members with Email #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

Subscribers with addresses have not been receiving GerSIG
list mail for many weeks.

This problem was the result of a series of unlikely accidents but it
has been resolved. If you are among the 20+ members in this category
you should now be receiving GerSIG list mail again.

For some reason, the system was refusing GerSIG list mail
for a month or two at the end of 2014. The bounced list mail resulted
in many GerSIG subscribers being changed to "no mail" status. This has
now been reversed.

If your GerSIG list mail stops for more than 3 successive days, please
let us know by Email to GerSIGmod@... so that we can try to
resolve any problems.

Some other Email systems, including many in France, do not accept list
Email >from GerSIG and other JewishGen SIGs.

Subscribers in France may need to contact their Email providers and
advise them that Email >from the domain is not
SPAM and should be accepted.

It can help to put Gersig@... in your Email address book.

GerSIG Moderator - GerSIGmod@...

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