German SIG #Germany RE: gersig digest: Wolf Goldschmidt and the ancestry of Grete ARONS nee ROTHMANN April 08, 2015 #germany

Jim Bennett

Rodney Eisfelder wrote about the descendants of Wolf Goldschmidt. I know
nothing of them, but I do have file showing 25 of his ancestors, going back
no less than ten generations. He was a descendant of the Melrich, Spanier,
and Pinkerle-Staden families of Hamburg-Altona and a great grandson of the
illustrious Gluckel. I will be happy to send this file in GEDCOM to
anyone requesting it.

Hag Sameach Jim Bennett, Haifa myrnabennett@...

Irene Newhouse wanted to find the descendants of Wulff Juda GOLDSCHMIDT
(1749-1832), to establish how he was the ancestor of Grete ARONS nee
ROTHMANN (1900-1952), but only knows the names of three children and
their spouses, but none of the grandchildren, and only knows Grete
ROTHMANN's parents and grandparents.

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