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I've done some research on one of my wife's notable ancestors, Mayer
SULZBERGER, who was born in Germany in Heidelsheim (Baden) in 1843 and
came to America when his parents and 5 siblings left Germany in 1849.
Here's a quote >from a biographical sketch of Mayer, describing the
time of his family's exit >from Germany:

"The family emigrated to the United States in 1849 following the
upheaval of the Revolution of 1848 which swept Europe at that time.
Alexander Marx, the librarian of the Jewish Theological Seminary and a
friend of Sulzberger, records in a biographical essay that "Mayer
Sulzberger retained a vivid recollection of events preceding
(emigration), when the cry, 'Die Juden mussen aus dem wald,' and the
Hep! Hep! of the mob made life uncertain and when Prussian soldiers
who came to suppress the uprising were stationed in his father's house
and befriended the children."

I don't have further details, but 1848 was apparently a time of great
turmoil for Jews in Germany, and that would explain a great deal of
"mobility" among German Jews at that time.

Regards, Stanley Dub Cleveland, Ohio

MODERATOR NOTE: A Google search for Revolution of 1848 will produce
a long Wikipedia article and many other sources of information on the
political upheval that resulted in the emmigration of many German Jews.

Emily Rosenberg wrote:

My gg-grandmother always reported she was born Kate STEINBACH in Stuttgart
Germany in 1842. We have never found her or even the family name in the
city's documents. Hans G. Hirsch, who kindly did some research for me ten
years ago, told me "the authoritative book on Stuttgart Jews, Weg und
Schicksal der Stuttgarter Juden by Maria Zeizer (1964) does not contain any
mention of the name STEINBACH. The book contains a listing of the few Jews
who resided in Stuttgart in 1849." The title rendered in English by Google
translate is "the Path and Destiny of the Stuttgart Jews"........<snip>

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