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Roger Lustig

Ungedanken and Fritzlar are both represented in the Hessen Gatermann
collection, and are in the portion of the index that's already part of
the JewishGen Germany database. (The full Phase 1 index should be up
within a few weeks.) Both localities are represented >from ca. 1824 onward.

Alas, Jewish vital registers >from before about 1809 are very few and far
between, and were not kept systematically in most places.

However, quite a few registers >from the Kingdom of Westphalia
(1808-1813) have survived, most of them in the Hessian State Archive in
Marburg. The collection they're in, a church-register miscellany, has
been filmed by LDS, and is on line at under the rubric
Germany, Hesse-Nassau, Ci...d Church Books, 1701-1875.

Unfortunately, the collection suffers >from poor organization and
pervasive mis-cataloging. Therefore, the Jewish records for Ungedanken
are under "Evangelisch," for instance.

The 1808-1813 records are potentially useful to you because they often
contain marriage annexes, i.e., the paperwork that precedes the actual
marriage. Annexes often contain certifications of the birth or death of
parties related to the marriage. (Deaths of parents, for instance.)

Good luck!

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research coordinator, GerSIG

On 6/14/2015, Joseph Fibel wrote:
When I met Albert Phiebig, the original Jewish Genealogical researcher
(Berlin-1930's) he told me that
if I were searching for my family out of Altenlotheim, I would have
to get a copy of Paul Arnsberg's two
volume book, Die Juedischen Gemeinden in Hessen, which I did.
Subsequently, I found that my mother's great grandfather was
Mannes/Manus Katzenstein. Under the community
of Frankenau, the book states that Manus Katzensteiin was born in
Ungedanken in 1788. There is no comparable
listing under Ungedanken. Each volume has a separate surname index.
The small community of Ungedanken was merged into the larger city of
Fritzlar. Both of these places have internet
sites. I have posted messages on both sites several times asking if
there were any 1788 records where Manus birth
record might be shown and/or the Archiv (Archive) where it might be
listed. There has been no response.
Can anyone here direct me to the internet address of an archive which
might have such information? Thank you very much in advance.

Joe Fibel, New Rochelle, NY
P.S.: Gersig readers have been extremely helpful in the past.
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