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Peter Straus

Dear GerSIGgers--

A cousin and I have been researching our various families (HAAS, ARON,
WEILER and LOEB) in the vicinity of Steinbach-am-Glan, and are having
particular difficulties in pushing back the LOEB horizons. Our greater
family includes two closeby LOEB groupings, backing up to the following male

-- Jakob LOEB (m. Susanna MARX), parents of Jakob LOEB (1777-1834, m.
Riffkin MENDELE), parents of Max Jakob LOEB (1822-1906, m. Carolina WEILER,
1815-1894), (all of Steinbach) and
-- Leopold LOEB of Bruecken (1813-1881, m. Veilchen AUGUST, b.1818), parents
of Leo, Lisa, Joseph (1841-1901, m. Julie WEIL, 1846-1921), Theresia (or
Fanny) 1845-1904, Salomon (1848-1923, m. Klara Weil, 1848-1919), and
Simon (1852-1935, m. Sara SAMUEL, 1853-1921), all of Gersheim.

In addition, we know of at least seven other Steinbach or nearby family
strands, most listed on JewishGen, whose earliest members are:
-- Seligman LOEB, father of Samuel LOEB aka Samuel SELIGMAN, b. 6 Apr 1805,
of Quirnbach, and
-- Loeb ARON (m. Levy FEILGEN), parents of Jakob LOEB (m. Johanetta KAYEM,
1821-1906, of Steinbach)
-- Elias LOEB (b. 1803) of Steinbach
-- Leopold LOEB (b. 7 Feb 1849, m. Pauline Kahn) of Steinbach
-- Wolf LOEB (b. 1796, m. Henrietta LEHMAN) of Steinbach, parents of Samuel
-- Samson LOEB (m. Adele NATHAN), parents of Rebeka LOEB (b. 1800 in
Brueken, d. 1847 in Steinbach, m. Aron ARON (b. 1812)
-- Joseph LOEB died in Steinbach (m. Knentel LEVY), parents of Joseph (b.
Steinbach, 1762, d. 1833 in Bosenbach, m. Adelheid LEVY of Bosenbach,

In a town the size of Steinbach, we suspect at least some of these strands
must have common ancestries but have been unable to make any progress in
weaving these strands together. Anyone have any insights or actual
information about connections between these LOEB families?

Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks!

Peter Straus, San Francisco, pstrausSF@...
(and Leslie Koelsch, San Francisco, @JohnOliver)

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