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Liz Hanellin

Dear GerSIGers,

I have posted before about my search to learn the fate of my great
aunt Jenny LEVY (geb. FRANKENTHALER), who was born in Untereisenheim,
Feb 25, 1898. She was married to Ludwig LEVY (LEVI?), but I do not have
a marriage date for them and I have no personal data about Ludwig.

Today, a friend showed me a copy of a page >from Pinkas Hakehillot (Encyclopedia
of Jewish Communities), Germany, Volume 2, about Untereisenheim. It says
that in 1933 there were six Jews left in the town; by November 30, 1939
there were only two Jews and by December 31, 1940 there were none.

It also says, in rough translation (it's in Hebrew), that "two of the Jews
from there emigrated in 1934 to Holland; three more, in 1939, emigrated
to the United States [one of whom was my Jenny's mother]; two Jews were left
in Untereisenheim (a woman who married in 1939, and her husband who had
settled in Untereisenheim). The couple was forced to leave the town under
orders >from the police in 1940."

Is anyone out there familiar enough with the Pinkas Hakehillot as to be able
to advise me on how I can trace the source material for the paragraph above?
I would like to find out if that last couple was Jenny and Ludwig.
I have a record saying that Jenny left Untereisenheim in November of
1939, after her mother left for the U.S., and another record sometime after
that, but undated (it's a closed JDC transmigration record) listing her
and Ludwig's place of residence in Frankfurt. So, the timing sort of matches.

If I could find the source materials for the Pinkas Hakehillot information,
it might reveal something that could help me in my search.

All suggestions and insights -- even unrelated to the Pinkas Hakehillot
-- are welcome (I have already requested a trace for Jenny, but have not
heard anything back; I have also looked for her in the Gedenkbuch, but she
is not listed). Many thanks in advance!

Liz Hanellin, New York City liz_hanellin@...

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