German SIG #Germany Question regarding the Declaration of Assests Form (1942) #germany

Stacye <FernsAndNettles@...>

I have a question regarding a Declaration of Assets Form filled out on
Dec. 14, 1942 in Berlin at the Gormanstrasse 3 holding area.

The Declaration was for a 13 year old girl who subsequently was
transported via Transport 25 to Auschwitz.

My question is regarding the papers attached at the end of the document.

Two papers attached at the end of the Declaration are posted. Why
would these 2 papers list the date of Feb. 5, 1943 ?? What is the
meaning of the date in regards to the Declaration / Deportation filed
on Dec. 14, 1942 ?

Also, what does the notation "Hausanschl. 354, 355" in the upper right
corner of the smaller paper mean?

Is the Feb. 1943 date related to her death date??

We are wondering if when Tolla arrived in Auschwitz if perhaps she was
directed in to slave labor and died in Feb. 1943.

The 2 images in question are located here:

Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you, Stacye Mehard

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