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Dear gersigs

3 marriages in Fritzlar

12-Dec-1884 Hermann STEIN Banquier in Dortmund and Bernhardine MARK
here born 19-May- 1864. Parents of the bride: Selig MARK Fruchh=C3=A4ndler
here and Philippine born MARK

marriage in Hofgeismar

22-May-1860 Hermann STERNAU Banquier >from Dortmund 36 years old son of
Levi STERNAU salesman and Zertel SELIGMANN both dead and Pauline
HEILBRUNN >from here born 17-Apr-1837 parents Levi HEILBRUNN salesman
and Julchen BUCHHOLZ

marriage Spangenberg (register)

04-Jun-1873 Eduard BLUMENRATH Handelsmann in Dortmund parents Abraham
BLUMENRATH Handelsmann and Elise HEIMANN and Perle named Bertha
HEILBRUNN born 22-Sep-1840 parents Herz HEIMANN shoemaker and Gelle
TANNENBAUM. The marrage was in Cassel.


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