German SIG #Germany Re: Intro - researching Blanckensee family from Wielun ( was Filehne), Poland #germany


Hello Audrey,
Was interested to see that you have a SILVERSTON ancestors. I am
wondering if there is any connection with my 2x great grandfather Jacob
SILVERSTONE, who was born in Warsaw about 1790 and was living in London
by 1827, before emigrating to the USA in 1840?

best wishes, Gerald Newnham, <gerrynuk@...>

Audrey Muriel Vaughan a.vaughan@... wrote:

I have just signed up. ....
I have the birth and death dates of my grandparents, Julia BLANCKENSEE
and John SILVERSTON.... My JGFF Researcher ID number is 260161
I also have ancestors as follows
SCHULTZE - Warsaw and then Exeter, UK in 1841, a jeweller
SILVERSTON - Poland and then Exeter, UK 1830, jeweller and silversmith
BLANCKENSEE - Wielun, Poland (was Filehne, Prussia) and Bristol, England
in 1827, merchant and then jeweller

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