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Micah Nofsinger <xgamerx65@...>

Shalom GerSig, I just joined the group. I have been trying to trace my
Jewish roots for a few weeks now. I live in Missouri, United States
(USA). My native language is English. I consider myself advanced in
using a computer, but I'm completely new to geneologies. My experience
in using the Internet is extensive. My primary research goals now is
to find all of the Jewish evidence of my ancestry as I can. My JGFF
Researcher ID number is 691845.

Here is my maternal Jewish genealogy as far back as I can find it:
Elizabeth/Eliza BOPP was the daughter of Jacob & Barbara/Nancy BOPP.
They immigrated to America and docked in Texas. Elizabeth was born 19
Jan 1856 in Zurich Canton, Switzerland. She died 05 Mar 1940 in Kansas
City, MO with burial in the Ganzer family cemetery just 4 miles south
of Raytown, Missouri in the area of Lee's Summit, MO.
Elizabeth married Karl Friedrich Wilhem GANZER on 19 Oct 1873 in
McKinney, Texas (so they docked in Texas prior to 1873). Karl was born
in 1851 in Berlin, Germany and died in 1909 in Lee's Summit, Missouri.
Karl & Elizabeth had 14 children.
Their 13th child was Eda/Edith Flora GANZER. She was born 13 Sep 1894
in Hickman Mills, Jackson County, Missouri and died 09 Mar 1961 in
Sundland, California. Eda married William James McKnight, Sr on 20 Jul
1912 in Kansas City, Mo. Eda and Wm. had 4 children.
Their oldest child was Dorothy Ruth McKnight (1914-2000). She
married Emory C. Kraft, Sr. on 28 Oct 1935 in Kansas City, Mo. Emory
was born in 1911 and died in 1983. Both are buried in Marysville,
Kansas. They had 3 children.
Their 2nd child is James Stanley Kraft (Micah's grandpa). James
married Lova Hattie Fincham on 01 Jun 1959. They have 4 children.
Their 3rd child is Vicki Lola Kraft, Vicki Lola KRAFT married
Scott Edward NOFSINGER, they had 3 children. Micah Nofsinger is the
youngest of the 3 children.

Historical records: "Bopp, Anna Barbara, von Otelfingen, -, 34, mit
einem Knaben und 2 Maedchen, nach Nordamerika; 10.8.1869 (PP 38.63,
1869, Nr. 300)"

I'm Micah Nofsinger. Also I know that the Bopp family crest has the
star of David therein. Can you guys help me find evidence that the
Bopps (And possibly Ganzers) were Jewish? I don't know where to look
or what to look for, nor do I have certain resources (Like to search indepth, and I don't know how to use JewishGen
sufficiently, I tried surname searches and I found some Bopps but from
what I know and found I don't know if they're related. Help!

Micah Nofsinger, Missouri, USA <>

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