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Jan Meisels Allen

I have just been informed that the recent promotion on for a
free month's access to the global Ancestry database is open to people only
in Germany. This is different than the usual Ancestry promotions that I
have posted about which are open worldwide. I am sorry that I was not
informed at the time I received the blurb which I shared with you and have
suggested if future promotions have such restrictions they be included in
the rules of the blurb. For those living in Germany, enjoy the free month
access (

My contact in the US was not aware of the restriction when he forwarded me
the information, and checked with the German marketing director at my
request as I received an email >from a reader who had difficulty getting in
and was told by the Ancestry customer service personnel that it was
restricted to people in Germany. Interestingly I had no problem accessing
the site with the password I use for checking out the promotions which is
not my paid Ancestry subscription password.

On behalf of and myself we apologize for any inconvenience this
has caused you.

I have no affiliation with and only post these messages for the
readers' information.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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