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Julie FRIEDLAENDER (1846-1935) >from Wartenburg, East Prussia (now
Barczewo, Poland) married Josef NOSSEK (1844-1933). They lived first
in Wartenburg but then at some point moved to Berlin. They had six
daughters. We know the names of four of them:

Wilhelmine, born 1872, married Markus NOSSEK (a cousin?) in 1889.
Hedwig, born 1875, married 1897 Siegfried Friedlaender, a cousin; two
married daughters, no known issue of either.
Magda, born 1883, died 1884.
Jenny, born 1885, married SCHMIDT. Transported >from Berlin to
Theresienstadt and then to Auschwitz in 1944.

We would like to identify the other two sisters and, if possible,
locate living descendants of any of the six. The name NOSSEK is fairly
common, and appears to be carried by gentile as well as Jewish

Our information comes >from family records as well as the database at, found by googling

friedl=C3=A4nder nossek wartenburg

All suggestions are welcome. Please send contact information for
living descendants privately, as it cannot be posted. Research
suggestions can be sent to the list, as they may be helpful to others
as well.

Dick Plotz, Providence RI USA . Dick@...

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