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Saul Issroff

Wiener Library has put online A History of Judaism in Erfurt: A
Turbulent Past by Hannah Korn.

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MODERATOR NOTE: Erfurt - Today: Capital of the state of Thuringia
in central Germany. 50°59' N 11°02' E
Jewish Population in 1900: 782
1900: Erfurt, Sachsen, Preußen, Germany
1930: Erfurt, Sachsen, Preußen, Germany
from JewishGen Gazetteer at:
from LBI Catalogue via:
"Juden in Thueringen 1933-1945 : biographische Daten"
Publisher: Europaeisches Kulturzentrum in Thueringen - Erfurt
Available through Leo Baeck Institute Library Call number: q 109 v.2
Notes: Contents Vol. Buchstaben (letters) A-L.; Vol. 2, Buchstaben M-Z.

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