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Barbara Stein <klbrsea@...>

I am seeking information about the family of my GGF, Eduard (Edward)
STEIN, born Feb 15, 1839 in Weitentrebetitsch, Bohemia.

This is my first post to this list. I am relatively new to family
history research but comfortable with computer searches. My research
to date is based on family documents I inherited and records I have
gleaned >from Ancestry and Familysearch. I have not had luck tracing
family members using JewishGen and I have not attempted any research abroad.
Unfortunately, I do not speak or read German, old German, or Czech.

Before emigrating to the U.S. ca. 1868, Edward was a teacher and
cantor and I have letters of recommendation in old German which
he brought with him >from schools in Libochowitz, Rakonitz, Eger
and Prague (I paid to have these translated). One is signed by
Jakob Frey, another by Rabbi B. Altar, one by a Hermann Stein
(no idea if related), and one by his future father-in-law,
Nephthali Zuckermann. A certificate documenting Eduard's birth
is signed by a Benjamin Stein (again, I have no idea if this is
a relative). I was told that Edward was descended >from "many
generations of Rabbi Steins" but I have not been able to confirm that fact.

Per the "birth certificate", Edward was born to Moses Simon STEIN
and Eleanor (Elenora) BAYER and he had a twin. Elenora's parents
were Pinkas Baroch BAYER >from Lichtenstadt and Amalia FEIGL from
Kirchenberg. I have no additional information about these individuals.

A note found in my father's effects suggests that Edward was one of
14 siblings. I also have no information on these individuals and I
would like to know their names, sexes, DOBs, DODs, if they emigrated,
where they might have settled, if they married, had children, etc.

Edward married Wilheminia ZUCKERMANN (Mina ZUCKERMAN in this country),
born Sept. 1844 in "Germany". I do not know when or where they married.
She also emigrated to NYC ca. 1868 but she and Edward do not seem to
have arrived in New York together if the immigration records I have
found are the correct ones. However, they are listed as a married
couple with a new baby, my grandfather Maximillian Zuckerman STEIN,
in the 1870 U.S. Federal census for NYC.

Wilhelmina's parents were Nephthali ZUCKERMANN (1813-1873) and Johanna
KOHN (1816-1884). See:

I have also found a pdf in German in the American Jewish Archives
about Nephthali ZUCKERMANN and the Jewish community of Eger but
have not yet found a translation.

Per my father's notes, Nephthali's parents were Moses ZUCKERMANN
(b. 1777) and Rosina STRASS (b. 1779).

Johanna's parents were Jacob KOHN and Maria Charlotte Kohn FISCHL
(no DOBs give; her birthplace is listed as Tehmohan(?), circle of Eger).

Jacob KOHN's father is listed as Israel KOHN >from Schoenlind.

Wilhelmina was one of 9 children. I know the names of all of them
and their spouses, approximately half of whom emigrated to the U.S.
Most of the rest perished in the Holocaust. Those who ostensibly
survived the war in Europe, I have been unable to trace.

I do not know of anyone with the last name STEIN to whom I am
related as my father was an only child and his only paternal
uncle never married.

I would be most grateful for any suggestions or leads on any
branches of the family! Please respond to:

My thanks in advance for your help.

Barbara Stein,

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