German SIG #Germany Searching for Helene DANZIGER born Rawicz Poland 1889 #germany

Daniela Torsh <danielat1@...>

I have joined the Ger SIG because I am trying to help an old family friend
locate her grandmother. Lena or Helene DANZIGER was born 21 September 1889
in Rawicz ( Rawitsch) in Poland and married Dr (med) Moses (Moritz, Maurice)
DANZIGER. He was also born in Poland and their last known address was in
Berlin Kaiser Friederich Strasse, Neukoelln. He died on 28 January 1940
from health problems and was buried in Weissensee cemetery but has no stone.
Helene's maiden name is BRAUN. I have also seen it written Brun and Brams.
My friend Monica says that no one knows what happened to her Oma and I am
not even sure that she was alive when her husband died. They had two
daughters Margot born in Berlin on 11 January 1911 and Alice who was
younger. Both daughters left Berlin in 1937 and 1938 respectively for
Sydney, Australia. Margot married Fred Falk in Sydney in 1939 and Alice
did not marry. She was a nurse and is buried in Sydney. My friend Monica was
born in Sydney 1941. She has two daughters who also would like to know what
happened to their ur Oma.
I have looked in all the obvious places on JewishGen, Yad Vashem,
FamilySearch, USHMM, even Google and I have consulted people here in
Australia who are experts in German genealogy.
Now I am asking you whether anyone has heard of the Danziger family from
Berlin that fits my description?

Daniela Torsh, Sydney, Australia danielat1@...

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