ECKSTEIN of Nahoschitz and Metzling {was: Czech towns} #austria-czech


Tony Hausner of Silver Spring, MD sent in posting about his ECKSTEIN family >from
these two towns.

Whereas Tony used the town name Nahaschitz, it appears in the 1793 census as
Nahoschitz/Nahosice in the Klattauer Kreis. You can see the town as Nahosice and
its Familianten listed here on the Toledot website:

Note the familianten names ECKSTEN and KLEIN - I suspect they are intertwined.

In the 1793 census of Bohemia {vol V p. 250} we find David Eckstein aged 41 {a
third-born son}, his wife and five sons Joachim, Joseph, Salomon, Herschmann and
Moises aged 9 down to one resp. and a daughter Katharina aged 11. Next door lives
a Habakuk KLEIN family with four children - the second-born son is Joseph, aged 18.

In the neighbouring town of Prostibor live two ECKSTEIN families - Moises aged 59
a first-born son with family and he has an apprentice Joseph KLEIN aged 19 >from
Nahoschitz working for him in his wool and leather business.
{vol V p. 239}. I suspect [but have no proof] that this apprentice, Joseph KLEIN
is the same as the one we see in the Nahoschitz census and that Moises is the
brother or cousin of David, who has arranged for Joseph, the son of Habakuk KLEIN
to work for his relative. Michael Eckstein aged 56 [no birth order given] lives
two doors away >from Moises ECKSTEIN.

There is only one other ECKSTEIN family [headed by Isack - first-born aged 63] in
the Klattauer Kreis - living in Dollitschen - their daughter Rosina appears as a
maid in a neighbouring village {Vol V p.238 and 243}.

Metzling is now called Meclov but in 1793 there were no ECKSTEIN families living
there. Members of the above families may well have moved there later.

Celia Male - London U.K.

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