German SIG #Germany Seeking Leo Baeck Institute Family History Success Stories #germany

Moriah Amit

Have you made an exciting family history discovery in the collections
of the Leo Baeck Institute (LBI)? If so, we would like to hear your story.

Karen S. Franklin, LBI's Director of Family Research, and Moriah Amit, the
Center for Jewish History Genealogy Institute's Senior Reference Services
Librarian, are seeking a brief description of the LBI resources you used
and what impact it had on your understanding of your family history
(maximum of 2 paragraphs; please include all collection titles).

Selected stories will be featured at the May 15, 2016 meeting of New York's
Jewish Genealogical Society (see and/or in an
upcoming LBI newsletter.

Please submit your stories to and
by April 28, 2016.

Karen S. Franklin, New York, NY
Moriah Amit, New York, NY

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